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Mesej Untuk Pelajar KPLI Opsyen B.Inggeris

From: Pn. Low

To : All KPLI PI major students

Ref : Student evaluation of teaching of lesson plan prepared for course work

*Date of submission to your own Methodology lecturer : 11 Sept 2009 (by email)


Dear Student Teachers,

I wish you well and please make sure you enjoy your Raya holidays. Selamat Hari Raya. Now back to the above reference.

In view of the fact that we will only meet after the holidays, I think it is best you do the task below and submit before the hols. Should you have any problems, please consult your lecturer.

The task below is based on yr teaching of the lesson plan prepared for your course work.If your teacher has used the pr form you can refer to her assessment. If not, it doesn’t matter because you can just refer to her comments as well as yr own self evaluation.

The task is aspect specific, meaning that you focus on one aspect only. To help you choose the aspect you can refer to a blank PR form used during practicum.

All the questions below are to be answered using evidence obtained from this one lesson only, and not generally from other lessons.

Reminder: 1. Apart from this task, you all have one more reflection (general) to do which you

will submit to yr proficiency lecturer. If unsure, please consult yr proficiency


2. All teaching aids used must also be submitted to yr Method lecturer because that

is part of KK

Thank you.



Instructions : Based on your teacher’s feedback and your reflection on the lesson carried out, answer the following questions:

1.Focus on only one aspect of your teaching that you like best ( you can base your answer on any one aspect of the PR form)

· Why do you feel good about this aspect?

  • In this aspect do you think your lesson planning is successful? Why do you think so?
  • Do you know what you did during lesson planning that helped you to teach successfully?

      (Please support your answer with evidence obtained during/after the lesson.)

      2. Focus on only one aspect of your teaching that you dislike most.

      • Why do you dislike this aspect?
      • What was ineffective in your teaching? How do you know that it was ineffective?

      • What causes it? Is it due to a weakness in your lesson plan?
      • How would you improve on this aspect if you were to teach the same topic and outcomes again in future?

      (Please support your answer with evidence obtained during/after the lesson.)

      3. Did you learn anything new from this lesson? What is it? How would you use this new knowledge in future?

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